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The seals and penguins were loving the snow at Living Coasts.




Younger group had a great time on the slopes – such dare-devils! they even took on the terrifying “Viper Drop”!



A good way for younger group to hide away from the miserable winter weather!




Younger group had a fantastic day at the  zoo. All the animals had received the memo and were out for us to see.




With effect from December 2017 Orchard Saturday Club converted to a Charitable Incorporated Company. This in no way affects the running of the Club or its activities.

The Club continues to offer outstanding respite provision, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Manager and her team.

Committee members

Susan Pitcher (Chair),  Kate Tapp (Trustee), Mich Taylor (Trustee),   Patrick Taylor (Trustee), Mark Gilligan  (Trustee), Bryan Winston (Secretary),  Kate Seeney (treasurer), Christine Rockell (Parent Representative).

The full committee met 4 times in the year and meetings were well attended. Committee members have also met regularly in smaller groups, including with representatives of Devon County Council, the Club’s Independent Accounts Examiner and the Club manager.

Club operations

The Club remains full and there are waiting lists for both groups.

Staffing is stable and we continue to ensure one-to-one staff support for every child. The children make good gains in interpersonal skills and in independence. Vacancies that have arisen have been successfully filled. Regular staff training sessions, funded by the committee, have taken place throughout the year, ensuring that all staff have the knowledge and skills their role requires.

To ensure that staff are not taken away from the children, the committee funds a considerable amount of work essential to the ongoing success of the Club outside normal Club hours.

Activities, outings and new experiences for the children continue to be at the heart of Saturdays. In addition, there have been family events, such as the Annual Christmas Party. The Manager and her team are continually looking for new opportunities and ideas to expand our children’s horizons that will help them grow in confidence and social skills.

The Club has benefited from a Children in Need grant for the period 2017 – 2020, enabling us to maintain 1-to-1 care and a wide range of opportunities and activities for the children.

Club policies are in the process of a complete review and update. Those completed can be seen on the website, as can pictures of the Club’s activities.

In October 2016, the Club’s safeguarding arrangements were inspected by Ofsted with a successful outcome.

 20 January 2018

Great day bowling with older group. It’s a busy and noisy environment but everyone managed brilliantly and enjoyed themselves .


13 January 2018

Younger group started the year with an energetic trip to Clip and Climb – what an adventure! We have some real dare-devils in the group and we had a fantastic time.


30 December 2017 Kent’s Cavern

Younger group ended the year with a fantastic trip to Kent’s Cavern. They always put on an amazing show for Christmas and this year was no exception. Brilliant fun was had be all.


Christmas Party 2017

A great afternoon of festive fun with music from ‘New Daze’ and Matt Sellors. And a visit from the big man himself! Lots of fun for everyone.

Dartmouth Steam Train Santa Express – 10 December 2017

Great day on the Santa Express: Sleeping Beauty panto on the train and a visit from the big man himself!



Wind in the Willows – 25 November 2017

A brilliant time exploring the Wind in the Willows at Killerton House. There were beautiful decorations, lots of things to explore and even a brass band playing Christmas carols!



4 November 2017 – Plymouth Aquarium

We spent a lovely day at a the aquarium. Everyone was very excited to see the sharks and it was great to have lots of time to watch the tanks.

30 October 2017 –  Saturday Club’s manager wins Breeze Radio Local Heroes ” Carer of the Year ” Award  

We all know Luana’s brilliant at what she does; it’s great to see her dedication publicly recognised. Congratulations, Luana!

28 October 2017 – Dingle’s Fairground Heritage Day

Great day at Dingle’s. We tried out all the rides and some were even quite scary!



21 October 2017 – Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary

Lovely day at the Donkey Sanctuary despite the wind almost blowing us away!!






Sidmouth Science Fair : 7 October 2017


Parke Apple Day 30 September 2017



Devon Railway Centre 23 September 2017

Cream tea at Cockington 16 September 2017

Prickly Ball Farm 7 October 2017



In July Orchard Saturday Club embraced the rhythms of Rio for Newton Abbot Carnival. In a yellow and orange blur of feathers and ribbons, we danced and drummed our way through the town thanks to the fantastic support of Torbay Minibuses, who provided our Carnival bus. The children behaved impeccably and totally embraced the atmosphere, performing to the crowd with gusto. It’s always fantastic to show our faces in our home town and let people see what fun we have at the Club. After a wonderful evening, we can’t wait for next year’s Carnival fun.


Children in Need

In March we learned the good news that the Club has been awarded a grant for the next three years by Children in Need. The is the second time Children in Need has recognised the Club’s work in this way. It’s fantastic news and means that we are able to continue giving our children and young people a wide range of stimulating and exciting activities.


On 29th October 2016 we had a visit from an Ofsted inspector to look at the Club’s arrangements for child protection and safeguarding. Our policies and procedures were judged to be appropriate and thorough.

ASDA Green Token Scheme

Great news – We won the Newton Abbot ASDA green token prize!! We were up against two other fab causes but were lucky enough to win and we would like to say big thank you to everybody that chose to support us!

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